Frequently Asked Questions

Is The Discovery School a preschool?

Yes, we are licensed as a childcare center by the State of California and feature a staff of fully qualified teachers. Our Facility Number is 214005255.

Will children learn academic skills at The Discovery School?

We believe that our unique educational approach, which offers free-choice learning in an open-ended, child-directed environment, prepares children for lifelong learning. Through our emergent project-based curriculum, kids use math, literacy, creative problem-solving, and social skills to create the meaningful learning experiences they will need for later academic success.

Do you serve snacks or lunch?

We provide a simple nutritious snack of at least two food groups each morning. We do not provide lunch for the morning session. Children must bring their own lunch.

How are students selected?

Once we receive completed applications, our staff determine which families are the best match for the program. Factors include scheduling, age of child, philosophical harmony, and gender balance of program. Applications for 3-days per week or more will be considered first.

Can children drop in to The Discovery School?

No. The Discovery School requires preregistration for specific days. We are required to maintain a specific staff to child ratio at all times.

What is a laboratory school?

As a laboratory school, or lab school, The Discovery School allows top university researchers to conduct studies on child development in a preschool setting. The lessons and research that will come out of our preschool will shape the national dialogue on how educators design experiences to set kids up for lifelong success. In addition, The Discovery School teachers receive access to cutting edge research from the leading thinkers in cognitive development and early childhood education, which they can immediately implement in the classroom.

Where is The Discovery School located?

The Discovery School is located at the Bay Area Discovery Museum (BADM) in Sausalito. BADM and The Discovery School are located in Fort Baker, part of Golden Gate National Parks.

Do students spend time outside?

Students spend plenty of time outdoors exploring the beaches and habitats of Fort Baker, fostering a deep connection to the natural world. Additionally, we have one to two 100% full outdoor days per month, where students have an entire day of school held outdoors.

How do students interact with BADM and its Center for Childhood Creativity?

The Discovery School students receive exclusive access to BADM’s exhibits and resources, including when the museum is closed to the public on Mondays. The Center for Childhood Creativity, BADM’s in-house research hub, hosts intimate roundtable events for parents and teachers to come together to learn about the latest research in early childhood education.

What elementary schools have students of The Discovery School been accepted to?

The Discovery School students have been accepted to the following elementary schools:

  • Greenwood
  • Lycee Francais- French School
  • Manor
  • Marin Country Day
  • Marin Primary
  • Park Elementary
  • Presidio Hill School
  • Reed Public School
  • SF Public
  • Saint Luke’s
  • SF Friends School
  • The Garden House
  • The Nueva School