Our Approach

We believe children have the natural ability to drive their own learning through curiosity. The Discovery School is a Reggio-inspired, research-based preschool program that offers young students the freedom to pursue their passions and ideas through play and guided inquiry. Children are encouraged to make choices, take risks, and spend the time they need to construct their own understanding of the world. The Discovery School emphasizes learning through experimentation and repetition, allowing children to develop and test their own theories and discover multiple outcomes.


At The Discovery School, children’s interests shape our flexible, project based, open-ended curriculum. Educational experiences are designed to support the growth of the whole child in all domains: cognitive, social-emotional, physical, and academic. Children learn literacy, math and science, as well as art, music and performance in a play-based environment. A strong emphasis is also placed on the development of children’s executive function skills, relationship development, and self-regulation. Our daily activities make the most of our inspiring location, exploring the Bay Area Discovery Museum’s exhibitions and the stimulating outdoor environment around Fort Baker.

Documentation and Reflection

Educators at The Discovery School use the methods of observation, documentation, and reflection with students and parents in order to make learning visible and allow everyone to monitor learning progress throughout the year. We collect and display classroom documentation—recorded through notes, photos, drawings, voice recordings, videos, and other methods—compile weekly reflections, and hold weekly educator collaboration meetings to analyze the results and plan our next steps for the child’s curriculum. We involve parents and families in the documentation process, and weekly reflections become part of an ongoing conversation between parents, children, teachers, and peers about each individual student’s learning.