5 Early Learning Camps That Will Change Your Child’s Life

Early learning camps are designed to support kids through various stages of development. The USA has some of the best camps and programs in the world that help children to learn about independence, confidence, and teamwork.

Camp Tall Timbers

This campsite is in High View, West Virginia, in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Camp Tall Timbers has won numerous rewards in the past for its commitment to educating both young and old. The camp provides activities for boys and girls from seven upwards.

They focus on promoting children’s personal and physical development through a variety of engaging challenges and activities. They also host Family Weekend events where parents can join in all the fun with their kids. Camp sessions can last up to three weeks.

Mountain Camp Woodside

This exciting camping adventure was founded back in 1976. The 60-acre campus features a gymnasium, pool, sports fields, and modern facilities that can accommodate children between 7 and 15 years of age.

The mountain campsite is just a 45-minute drive from San Francisco. Kids can revel in a traditional camp experience unlike any other. Campers are encouraged to socialize and make friends while participating in a variety of camp activities and challenges.

Camp Hilltop

Regarded as one of the most prestigious camps in America, Camp Hilltop is located nearby the Catskill Mountains, and it presents campers with more than 50 indoor and outdoor activities to participate in. The campsite is suitable for kids from ages six to sixteen.

Kids can learn real-life skills or improve on existing skills. The camps can last anywhere between two and eight weeks. Kids are encouraged to engage in a safe and non-competitive environment.

Kupugani Multicultural Camp

The Kupugani camp was founded in 1951, and it is in Northwest Illinois, only a couple of hour’s drive from Chicago. The campsite hosts girl’s and boy’s camps separately from one another. The mission of the program is to encourage diversity and community in a safe atmosphere.

Camp Walt Whitman

This program invites campers to experience the true meaning of summer. Kids are encouraged to engage in educational activities that are suitable for their level. The camp is set in the scenic White Mountains of New Hampshire.

Parents can visit the websites of these early learning camps for more information and send their kids off to the ultimate summer camp experience.